MyMI Reporting FAQs

Let us know if you’ve got some questions that aren’t addressed below at

Who can submit stories?

We’re open to any good stories from any good storytellers! We’re reaching out especially to high school and college journalists but our big goal is to cover the Great Lake State as well as we can so if you’ve got a camera and an angle, let us know!

How are stories selected?

Everyone is welcome to submit a story per our guidelines on our content checklist (printable PDF).Our producers will review submissions and be in touch right away to let you know if you’ll be launched or if your story might need a little work.

What's the best content?

We really are interested in your region of the state, especially sharing what makes your corner of Michigan so special.

So tell us about festivals, cool local people, restaurants, watering-holes, historic sites, educational and city happenings.

Can we send pre-produced content?

As long as you’re the producer and submit releases for your subjects we’ll give it a look and be more than happy to share your stories on MyMI TV.

We’ll ask you to add some MyMI graphics to the video as well.

How long should stories be?

Treat it like a news-story–2-3 minutes long. But great stories are great stories, so if you’ve got some extra interviews and super b-roll it might go a few minutes longer. We’ll be in touch if we think it might use some thinning.

What about graphics and releases?

We ask that you use our MyMI lower-third graphics for titles that can be found in a Google Drive packet that we’ll keep updated. We need you to be sure that your interviewees have also signed release forms that you can photograph and include with your story submissions.

What's in it for students?


Students get their work on a worldwide network available on major streaming platforms such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Samsung Smart TVs; MyMI TV is also available in Apple and Android app stores and of course our website at

Students also will have professional journalists and media pros evaluate, coach and work with them in our local and statewide MyMI TV clubs.

What's in it for teachers?


MyMI TV provides for key ingredients for educators’ requirements for Career Tech Education (CTE) as well as work-based learning via the important areas of student mentorship, career-based learning, competitions and participation in a professional organization.

It also provides a great outlet for your students’ work that you can share in your community via MyMI TV’s app available everywhere.